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Zoe Stromberg is a 27 year old conceptual creative and designer with a specialism in social media creative. Her work focuses on social issues, healthcare and empowerment.

Since her graduating project from Goldsmith's University in 2018, Zoe has continued to explore the issue of public sexual harassment (known as catcalling) with her project 'cutecatcalls' and has featured in publications such as Grazia UK and Daily Mail, as well as BBC Radio Scotland and facilitated events with UN Women UK.

Her narrative focus approach has also lead to reimagine stories for Bodyform UK, Vagina Museum and NotYourPorn.

She was recently named as one of the members of the Thred 100 by Thred Media- a list of Gen Z's top 100 activists, entrepreneurs, musicians and designers that are embracing and influencing youth culture and driving social change.


When she's not trying to dismantle the patriarchy with a pink and red colour palette you can find her trying to find London's best almond croissant whilst galavanting round charity shops.

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